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Soon after McKinney hit one of them, Emiliano Morales, on the head with the same gun he'd used to beat Shepard, police officer Flint Waters arrived on the scene and arrested them. None of that made any sense. That's right: One of Shepard's killers was queer. Jimenez found through his reporting that McKinney had been Shepard's lover.

Sure, it's possible that he had some internalized homophobia, but the narrative that Shepard was killed by bigot rednecks who targeted him for being gay is not, according to Jimenez, actually true. They killed him over meth. What's more, Jimenez argues that Laramie wasn't a hotbed of idiocy and homophobia either. It was a college town, home to the University of Wyoming. And like most college towns, it was, and is, quite liberal and even gay-friendly. That truth got lost as the story spread, and Laramie became a parody of white trash ignorance and bigotry. After Shepard's body was found, a couple of men in the local gay community contacted the press as well as gay rights groups, who connected the murder to the state legislature's recent failure to pass hate crime legislation.

The story that this was a hate crime began to spread, and in the days immediately following his death, a vigil was held for Shepard on the steps of the U.

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Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Ted Kennedy, Barbra Streisand, Elton John, and Madonna all got involved, and his funeral was attended by over 1, people, with many of Shepard's friends dressed as angels. Stephen Jimenez's book was not universally well-received by the gay community or the Matthew Shepard Foundation, which maintain that his murder was fueled by anti-gay bias. Matthew Shepard has become more than a year-old Wyoming college kid; he's become a martyr. What's more, plenty of people, especially gay people, thought this book would hurt the cause, and they blamed Stephen Jimenez.

So why write this book, especially when it upended a narrative nearly everyone had accepted as fact? Ultimately, however, neither Jimenez's book nor, perhaps, the truth would change Shepard's place in the national imagination. He's still largely thought of as the young man who was killed just for being gay. And maybe that's a good thing. Things did, in fact, change for the gay community after Matthew Shepard's murder, and today, most gay people aren't just protected by hate crime legislation, we have most but not all of the same rights as everyone else.

It seems fair to connect those victories, at least in part, with the story of Matthew Shepard. And so even if he was more the victim of a drug robbery than a hate crime, his death still helped push forward the fight for gay rights. Whatever the truth, the National Cathedral seems like a fitting resting place. Still, finding out that Matthew Shepard was likely not the victim of a hate crime is, of course, a shock.

I felt similarly when I found out that the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando wasn't motivated by homophobia either , but by U.

The shooter didn't know Pulse was a gay club. He even asked where all the women were. Those facts, of course, don't make these deaths any less tragic, but understanding motivation does matter if we want to prevent these kinds of tragedies from happening in the future. It's enough to make you wonder, what else are we just assuming to be true? And does this willingness to blindly believe really serve us? Such thinking stems from fear-based, orthodox thinking. Truth is always liberating—not just when it suits our beliefs or agenda.

Katie Herzog is a staff writer at The Stranger , where she covers and comments on media, politics, pop culture, social movements, weed, climate change, free speech, French bulldogs, gender, sex, emotional support animals, airlines, Amazon, Donald Trump, Twitter mobs, internet hoaxes, wildfires, orcas, bike shares, Alex Jones, lesbians, the cost of living, conspiracy theories, moral panics, natural disasters, cults, the left, the right, the middle, podcasts, Jordan Peterson, Fox News, and, occasionally, Seattle.

An urn containing Matthew Shepard's remains at the National Cathedral. Despite its large gay population and higher concentration of gay venues, the South Beach area in Miami Beach, Florida , was never exclusively gay, because of its popularity among straight people alike. Philadelphia's traditional gay village comprises several downtown blocks and is called "the Gayborhood". Philadelphia's "Gayborhood" contains 68 rainbow street sign signs throughout the community.

The Short North in downtown Columbus, Ohio is primarily known as an art district, but has a strong gay community and a high concentration of gay-oriented clubs and bars. In Boston, the trendy and upscale South End neighborhood has a large population of gay men, and the Jamaica Plain and Roslindale neighborhoods are home to scores of lesbians, also with vibrant but less trendy downtown areas. Some areas are often associated with being "gay" cities or resorts, due to their image and acceptance of the gay community. These establishments are mainly concentrated in the southwestern portion of the Marais, many on or near the streets Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie and Vieille du Temple.

A well-known gay village of Sitges is one of the richest residential areas within the area of greater Barcelona. The town hosts several gay events throughout the year, such as Gay Pride and Bears Week. The first monument for the gay community, an inverse triangle, was built in Passeig Maritim street in Many gay tourists use the gay-friendly accommodation in Sitges during Circuit Festival of Barcelona. San Diego has its own gay village called Hillcrest , which sits around Balboa Park.

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Hillcrest is very close to the downtown area but is able to maintain a small town eclectic feel. While it is considered by most as the gay area of San Diego with its gay bars and dance clubs, the overall population of the area has only gotten more and more diverse with the rise in condominium projects. These diverse, welcoming areas have slowly continued the gentrifying process. In Minneapolis, Minnesota , areas surrounding Loring Park , site of the local LGBT pride festival, are regarded as a "gay" neighborhood, though many gay and lesbian people have migrated to more residential neighborhoods such as Bryn Mawr and Whittier.

In Tampa, Florida , the gay community was traditionally spread out among several neighborhoods. In the early 21st century, the Ybor City National Historic Landmark District has seen the creation of the GaYbor District, which is now the center of gay and lesbian life in the Tampa Bay area and home to the majority of gay bars and dance clubs, restaurants, and service organizations.

It is roughly bounded by Gould Street to the south, Yonge Street to the west, Charles Street to the north, and Jarvis Street to the east, with the intersection of Church and Wellesley Streets at the centre of this area. Though some gay and lesbian oriented establishments can be found outside of this area, the general boundaries of this village have been defined by the Gay Toronto Tourism Guild.

James Town and Riverdale , and in smaller numbers throughout the city and its suburbs. This is the cap to an historic year and six years of lobbying, where the village installed two public art projects in addition to tripling the number of rainbow flags in the village area.

The village in Ottawa features a diverse mix of businesses and organizations, many of which cater to or of specific interest to the GLBT community, and has a high concentration of GLBT persons living and working in the area. Ogunquit, Maine has a gay population of year-round residents and second homeowners. In Sydney, Australia , Potts Point aka "Poofs Point" and nearby Elizabeth Bay aka "Betty Bay" are renowned for having the largest gay population in the city, with many gay run business.

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The area is known for having the highest density of population in Australia with many Art Deco apartment blocks. Newtown also has a sizable gay population but it has a more gritty bohemian feel. In some cities, such as Stockholm , Helsinki , Tel Aviv , Austin , and Copenhagen , there are no established gay villages, partly due to the differing social dynamics of these cities less social segregation within the city , but also due to earlier and greater social acceptance of the gay community within mainstream society.

Bigger cities and metropolitan areas are most popular as they are deemed to be more tolerant and tend to have "a history of progressive local government policy towards supporting and financing LGBT-friendly initiatives. Both Birmingham Pride and Liverpool Pride are huge annual festivals which attract tens of thousands of people to their respective cities in August each year.

Famous Gay Men | List of Gay Male Celebrities in History

Brighton is generally agreed to be the unofficial "gay capital" of the UK, [27] [32] [33] [34] and records LGBT history in the city since the 19th century. Pride is the only annual event to close London's Oxford Street and draws thousands of spectators each year. Canal Street has been the centre of Manchester 's Gay Village since the s. The city of Manchester is estimated to be home to between 24, — 34, lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

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Birmingham is home to 60, gay people. Birmingham Pride is celebrated each year around the late May bank holiday weekend; its entertainment and festivities are centred around the Gay Village. In , Sheffield had its first "gay quarter" established. Located on the corner of The Moor and Hereford Street in the city centre, it takes in the long-established Dempsey's bar and club, the newly opened Queer Junction and in the imminent future, another gay bar, sauna and shop will open on the same block.

50 Out LGBTQ Actors Changing the Face of Hollywood

In the city of Rio de Janeiro , Among the female population in the city of Manaus , The U. LGBT culture. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Stonewall Inn in the gay village of Greenwich Village , Manhattan , the cradle of the modern gay rights movement. Main article: List of gay villages. See also: LGBT culture in Liverpool.

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