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Sex scandals are just too good for the ol' ratings to pass up. This past week, the media have been doing their level best to make Pastor Ted Haggard a household name. Thanks to their efforts, Haggard will without a doubt take his place in the pop-culture pantheon of Family-Values Hypocrites.

Ted Haggard

It was a bad week for the good pastor. The ultraconservative, anti-gay Christian evangelist was not only fingered for hiring a gay male prostitute, but for buying meth off the sex worker as well. The sex worker claims he didn't sell Haggard the meth, just hooked him up with someone who would.

Haggard has since resigned from the 14,member New Life Church, the Colorado Springs, Colorado, megachurch he founded. Mike Jones, the male escort in question, has since embraced his 15 minutes of fame, hitting as many media outlets as he can. Jones was quoted as saying that he was "sad for [Haggard] and his family" and that it wasn't his intent "to destroy him and his family My intent was to expose a hypocrite. You were paid for sex, Mike. The most important rule you can follow when taking people's money in exchange for sex is that— no matter what —their lives stay their own and whatever passes between the two of you remains private.

Your leap from paid crotch monkey to gay-rights crusader certainly doesn't impress your fellow sex workers.

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If this had happened in any other form of organized crime, you would be found in the trunk of a Lincoln Town Car three weeks from now. So consider yourself lucky that you're getting off with a scolding. Now don't get me wrong; I'm no apologist for Haggard. He crossed a line by attacking gay people while enjoying gay sex, to say nothing of deceiving his children, his wife, and his congregation. Does Haggard deserve this media hailstorm?


Drug and gay sex claims topple pastor with 30 million followers | The Times

Did he deserve to be outed by this hooker with a heart of lead? When Haggard paid Jones for these "massages," he was in effect not only paying for the intended sexual action, but also for something much more important: Any professional in the sex industry worth his or her salt would agree that Jones was wrong to expose Haggard, however offensive the pastor's hypocrisy.

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In my four years in the gay-escort industry, I've worked hard to earn the trust and confidence of all the men I see. I strive to be professional without seeming clinical or businesslike. Ted Haggard denied the prostitute's allegation that the two men met for sex as often as every month for the last three years. But he did say that he had visited the prostitute for a massage and later called him more than once to buy methamphetamine -- a drug used in some gay circles to heighten sexual sensation. I bought it. But I never used it.

This Male Escort Doesn't Think Mike Jones Is a Hero

The man Haggard met in Denver, Mike Jones, has advertised as a male escort in gay magazines. His website promises massages "with the pleasure of the man in mind" and includes photos of his bodybuilder physique -- including a rear view where he's nude except for a Santa hat.

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Haggard said he was referred to Jones for a massage by a Denver hotel. Jones said he decided to come forward because he thought Haggard's stand against gay marriage was hypocritical. The pastor has promoted a measure to ban same-sex marriage that appears on the ballot Tuesday in Colorado.

Evangelist: I Bought Meth From Gay Escort

The National Assn. In a statement, the group's executive committee said its members had not believed the salacious reports at first but came to recognize "the stark reality of the power of sin in all our lives. Haggard's congregants, who packed New Life Church on Friday, echoed that theme, expressing disappointment and bewilderment but also forgiveness and understanding. Haggard and his wife, Gayle, "are amazing people.

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But they are people," said Lynn Jenkins , 47, her eyes welling. Hundreds sang and prayed in the World Prayer Center, raising their hands to the heavens or clasping them, trembling, in front of their faces. Another sanctuary was packed with hundreds of teenagers, who were attentive as an assistant pastor spoke of sin and redemption.

Congregants had thought Haggard's life was ideal: He was always upbeat, proud of his five children -- a family man, a man of God. Haggard and his wife "have been my spiritual authorities," said Patty Van Tassel, This is very sad. I know he feels ashamed.

Anti-gay pastor banned from entering South Africa

But I know that God is in control. Outside New Life, bundled up against the cold, a man sat late into the evening Friday, holding a hand-lettered sign that read: And so do I. In the three years that Haggard, 50, has been at the helm of the evangelical association, he has significantly raised its political profile. He has participated in some of the Bush administration's regular conference calls with evangelicals. Though Haggard has spoken out on abortion and same-sex marriage from time to time, he is less fiery on those topics than many of his colleagues are.