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If you don't take a chance How on earth can anyone discern who anyone is by an email? I mean come on!

Gay Dating

Put some effort into it! Yeah I overdid my profile, but I can't figure out how to get all of me into that confining little space, good thing POF has a word limit! Who doesn't like to have a nice meal, nice wine, nice conversation but they don't say anything in their profile? I am baffled how many "straight" men are looking for gay men OR even lie by saying their single too I think it comes down to being Honest with yourself I'm surprised how many guys are looking for sex.

Dating in the gay world is really frustrating

Everyone thinks, oh "friends", yeah, ok, say whatever to yourself buddy, but we all want sex Well, no, not for me. I'd like to have friends to share my life not just that part of my life but the rest of my life. Everyone trashes everyone it seems The gay world is harsh I just don't get that! It usually is preempted by "I'm involved with someone I think this rant is done! Anthony Joined: I have been asked out by a gay guy who wanted to start a family!

AintNoDeal Joined: Gay Men were there first. My first question is what did you do before you spent 2 years cruising online?

The UK and Ireland's largest gay social network

Did you use word of mouth, newpaper ads, messages left on college light posts? In those instances you inevitably had to follow up on the leads. No difference online. I'm guessing, but those relationships didn't appear to last, either. OK - so it all points back at YOU. Stop painting fantasies in your head, and START listening to what people say, and behaving in a manner that promotes friendship and trust.

If you want to play the whiner, go ahead, I'm sure you can find things to whine about for the rest of time. If you want happiness, it's YOUR responsibility to go and find it, instead of blaming websites and strangers for not catering to your fantasies. Skotch Joined: Most men begin quite enthausiastically then the messages get fewer and shorter as time passes by. I don't know about the homosexual market tongue in cheek here but from what I see on the hetero side its a lot of white boys and girls with only a few token african americans, spanish, and asians thrown in.

Just saying you might have more options on other websites.

A relationship forum for all: heterosexual; bisexual; homosexual; everyone is welcome

However, being that this one is free might as well let your profile shine and check it every now and again. I met a great guy and had an 11 year relationship with him. We had it all trust, respect, good jobs, travel, a home, two kids. Unfortunately, cancer took him from us this June. So, yes it works. There is the proof. What do men desire?

Fitlads - Gay Dating, Chat and Forums

At age 40, what do you desire? Hell, all healthy men want sex. Even if someone doesn't say that they want a relationship, men want sex. Don't try to pattern your dating on the straight model. As I see from my straight friends, they date and when the woman feels ready, there might be sex. Sex is the easiest thing in the gay world. For every type, there is someone who wants it. That and more is out there.

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Take an honest asset of what you are and what you like. What type are you? Do you look older or younger than you are? What do you want? Sexual habits? You get the drift. Then advertise it. You have to market yourself and manage expectations. If you are 40 and look 50, don't put pictures of yourself up from when you were Your dates will be dissappointed and will feel lied to.

When it comes to email communications betwen gay men maybe all communications, but I can't speak to those that are not betwen two men men lose interest quickly. A long string of emails will naturally trail off.

Men tend to be sexually motivated and investing weeks in seeming never ending emails, well, it seems pointless. Schedule an in person meeting as soon as possible. You think that the other guy isn't serious. He probably feels the same way if you haven't proposed to meet.

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Monogamy is a wonderful ideal. I applaud you striving for this. I'm not sure that it exists. Is that really what you want? Or do you just want a to prevent someone from sleeping around because you are insecure that they will leave you if they do? It has been my experience that men sleep around. My partner and I had an open relationship.

After a party, we would compare notes about the stories that our friends would tell. The more masculine of us would sit around and share stories about the guys that we had slept with and the "girls" would do the same thing. Funny thing is that we were the "only" open relationship. All of the others were "monogamous" On day, my partner received a call from his friend. His friend was crying that he had found naked pictures of his partner with another guy.